Laura. GP.

“Years ago, I had a limp, which orthopaedic specialists diagnosed as being due to my legs having different lengths. The osteopath said I was suffering from a serious spasms in the deep hip muscles and told me not to wear corrective orthotics. I went to see Valerie Adolff when she was completing her training and after nine months’ working with her, not only could I walk without ‘wobbling’, I’d also sorted out numerous emotions. She helped me improve my personal and professional priorities and acquire clarity in both my way of expressing myself and in my relationships with other people. On completing my therapeutic process I was able to restructure my company, expand my business and set myself new challenges.”


Carina. Journalist.

“The body tells you what you do like and don’t like. It tells you clearly, sometimes even forcefully, but you don’t hear it. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how to listen as you stopped paying attention so long ago. Valerie taught me that your muscles (like your organs, skin and bones) have emotional memory. And can get sick. They always react to external impulses in the same way; probably in the same way as they have been since you were a child; it’s just that when you were younger you had a better understanding of how closely ‘body and soul’ are related – you could feel an adult’s disapproval in your stomach. You can cheat your mind, but you can’t trick your body.

Learning to read your body is a way of being much more in touch with yourself, of extending and enriching your ability to feel, to understand and to think better. And that allows you to be more present in life.”


Carla. Primary Teacher.

“I started taking sessions because I didn’t feel relaxed in my environment. There was no specific problem with a specific person, or muscular pain (or I didn’t want to feel/recognise them), but I noticed that something wasn’t working when I was with people. The sessions taught me to listen to and notice my body in these situations.

I’d always thought that consciousness is the exclusive product of our mind, but Valerie has made me aware of my body, how to pay it attention and listen to it. From now on my actions take my thoughts and my body into consideration.”


Gilbert. Audiovisual Producer.

“I had tried the Grinberg Method before, but working with Valerie is special. Her experience and sensitivity mean that she recognises the sources of problems incredibly quickly, which allows her to act according to the needs. The sessions helped me to manage anger, frustration and disappointment that I have been carrying for years. I have learned to break free from automatic behaviour I unconsciously applied in my daily life. With this, I gained the liberty to consciously decide how I wish to react to every situation.”