My approach

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand”.

My mission is to guide people to make the most of  their own resources and qualities via the body.


cambia tu perspectiva


If you keep doing the same things, the results will always be the same. If you change your outlook, a whole range of resources will come within reach, enabling change.

I teach you to connect with your body and look at situations from different angles to give them a different focus, which will increase your quality of life. If you change, others do too.

supera tus limites


We live in demanding, fast-changing times. If we stick to old models and habits, we end up losing the ability to adapt to new situations.

I will give you the tools to recognise habits that confine you, developing strategies to overcome those habits as you recover stability and confidence.

potencia tus recursos


You must know what physical, emotional and intellectual resources are available to you before initiating a change.

My guidance will help you gain self-knowledge and discover or strengthen your resources and qualities, which will in turn teach you to see the qualities and resources in your environment.




My services are tailored to the needs of each moment, because everyone and every organization is unique.

Analysis and Advice

Analysis and Advice

Understand the limits, opportunities and qualities that will support you on your way to achieving what’s important to you.

Workshops for companies, teaching and cultural centers

Workshops for companies, teaching and cultural centers

The content and duration of these workshops will be defined according to your needs. Find suggestions in “Clients”.

Talks on Specific Issues

Talks on Specific Issues

Presentations featuring demonstrations and case studies at your centre(s). We’ll define the subjects together.

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

You decide the aim. Then we work together in a serial of sessions of tailored physical experience using touch and descriptions.

Workshops for the general public

Workshops for the general public

Body attention training in subjects related to overcoming limits and discovering your personal skills.

Specific Exercises

Specific Exercises

Individual or group training sessions that improve a specific part of the body or specific qualities.

All activities are given in English, German and Spanish.




Individuals who wish to create a change in their lives using their unique talent

You will learn practical tools and body attention to:

  • Reduce (chronic) tensions, pain, stress or recover from a physical imbalance.
  • Manage moments of conflict, sadness and anxiety increasing your emotional intelligence and self trust.
  • In moments of emptiness: discover your qualities, whatever your age.

Forward-looking teaching centres and cultural institutions

A change in attitude and shared vision allows you to:

  • Transform the repetitive teaching habits into diversity in education.
  • Practice daily wellbeing at work to keep your energy level up during your day, your week and the entire school year.
  • Improve your communication skills with students and parents by identifiying your own style.

Smart companies look for talent and opportunities

Continuous learning is a strategy that prepares your team for unexpected developments and:

  • Allows you to discover the team’s hidden talent and head for new challenge.
  • Reinforce physical wellbeing and emotional intelligence at your organisation.
  • Providing your team tools to unlearn the old patterns and trust the decisions for new challenges towards an unknown future.


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