My approach

My mission is to guide people to make the most of  their own resources and qualities via the body.


cambia tu perspectiva


If you keep doing the same things, the results will always be the same. If you change your outlook, a whole range of resources will come within reach, enabling change.

I teach you to connect with your body and look at situations from different angles to give them a different focus, which will increase your quality of life. If you change, others do too.

supera tus limites


We live in demanding, fast-changing times. If we stick to old models and habits, we end up losing the ability to adapt to new situations.

I will give you the tools to recognise habits that confine you, developing strategies to overcome those habits as you recover stability and confidence.

potencia tus recursos


You must know what physical, emotional and intellectual resources are available to you before initiating a change.

My guidance will help you gain self-knowledge and discover or strengthen your resources and qualities, which will in turn teach you to see the qualities and resources in your environment.




My services are tailored to the needs of each moment, because everyone and every organization is unique.

All activities are given in English, German and Spanish.



For people who wish to find a solution to a situation in their life, focus on an aim and discover their pathway to happiness.

For professional teams and innovation hubs determined to activate individual talent, improve common intention and overcome the generation divide.

For organizations looking for new impetus in order to increase employee curiosity, their engagement and happiness at work.

For people who wish to reduce physical imbalances, anxiety and/or chronic pain and learn to trust their body language.

For families with the love to overcome conflict, wishing to find their own way of communicating.

For communities looking for new ways to connect their members to improve their quality of life, solving community problems while integrating multiple interests.


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