“Traveller, there is no path. You make your path as you go…”. Antonio Machado’s poem describes the challenge of dancing with life. That’s my mission: to support your learning and to deliver you tools you achieve your goals.

My allies are my empathy and my commitment to people, as well as life-long learning based on studying the body, the brain and behaviour. I want to make what I have learned available to others.

  • I completed my business studies degree and spent 10 years working in various sectors and in national and international companies (1989-1999).
  • Following a burnout, I took a new professional path and started researching the relationship between our emotional/physical balance and our habits (2001).
  • I studied The Grinberg Method of somatic coaching, which confirmed the direct connection between our body, attitude and wellbeing (2004-2009).
  • I started freelancing (2010) and worked with the Centro Médico La Salut de Sant Just on chronic pain, preparing for surgery and scar recovery.
  • I obtained a diploma from the BSA Akademie in Germany (2015) and I now give individual and group sessions at my private practice, at educational and cultural centres and at private companies.
  • Online studies of the U Theory / MIT Boston (2017+2018) “Leading from the emerging future”. Application of tools to challenge teams in conflict resolution and connecting groups for real life innovation.
Valerie Adolff